Stilt Walkers

The Stilt Walkers will stride around your festival, head, shoulders and perhaps knees above the crowd, greeting and entertaining.

Most Stilt Walkers can also Balloon Model and are perfect for handing out flyers, giving you two services for the price of one. Stilt walkers can also come along in your parade at no extra cost.

Clowns & Jesters

The Clowns are multi skilled entertainers and can be booked to provide activities right across our range such as: Circus Skills, Glow, Stilt Walking, Balloon Modelling, Circus Workshops, Face Painting and Arts and Crafts. Each Clown will add that extra something to your special day, whether it be a carnival or a birthday party.

Balloon Modelling

Balloon models are a great way to give the public something different and creative as they are fun but also cheap and quick to produce. They can also help add colour and character to your event. Balloon Models can even advertise your event or store as people leave, taking their balloons with them, our interesting designs catching the eyes of passers by.

Bubble Entertainers

What child does not like bubbles. Add fun and atmosphere to any event with one of our wonderful bubble entertainers.

Glow Entertainers

Glow entertainers create a spectacular visual light feast!
Our entertainers will provide a mix and mingle walkabout act with light effects which are simply beautiful.

Fire Entertainers

Want the wow factor, then this is it!

Our fire side shows are a great atmospheric addition to any event.


Activities for all Occasions
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