Face Painting is a great way to give the public something fun and creative to go home with. Painted faces can also help add colour and character to any event. Having people's faces painted at your event provides walking advertisements showing off their interesting designs proudly, catching the eyes of passers by.

Face Painting is also an excellent way to raise money for charity while adding a fun addition to your event. On many occasions we have taken donations in exchange for painting faces and find most people donate generously.

Space requirements photo gallery

Face Painting is great for events where space is a limiting factor as it can be squeezed into most spaces.

On request we can provide a gazebo under which the face painters can sit. This provides a great visual station and cover for the activity. As a minimum a 3mx3m space is required for our Gazebo.

On request we are also able to provide a queuing system for the Face Painting if you are expecting a busy event. As well as being a bright and attractive queue system, it also doubles as an advertisement for the activity. This hopefully encouraging more people to get involved, giving you more for your money.

Both our gazebos and queuing system are quick and easily set up by our staff providing minimal interference to your event.

Age Range photo gallery

Face Painting can cater for all ages, toddler to adult. We do find however that the smaller children can struggle to sit for any length of time so usually suggest simpler designs are done on those under 3. As paints are not tested on under 3s some of our painters do not do designs on those said children so please specify on booking if this is required.




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