Our Comedy May Pole Dance Workshop is a great participation activity where the public get a chance to have a go along with one of our Clowns or Jesters at a fun and interactive performance. As long as the participants are able to hold a ribbon they can get involved.

The interactive performance usually takes two forms depending on our participants:
The first is an organized dance where the participants with no prior experience needed are guided by our entertainer to weave the maypole into fantastic patterns including our 12 ribbon weave. This is great fun to see come together and is taken lightly without too much pressure to get things perfect.

The second is a more comical approach, generally when younger participants get involved the performance takes on a more comical role, as our entertainer rushes round trying to hold things together as the children try their best to absorb the information given, this always gets a laugh and is enjoyed by the spectators and participants alike. As standard our May Pole Workshop caters to 12 at any one time and are provided by one tutor. Comedy May Pole Dance Workshops can be structured on a drop in, drop out basis or on a more structured basis. The Joker Entertainment provide all equipment needed to run this activity, all we need is a space to do it.

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The Comedy May Pole Dance Workshop can be set up indoors or outdoors on hard or soft ground. Around 12m square is required to run this workshop at full capacity. The Joker Entertainment can provide all equipment needed to set up an area to contain the activity.

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The Comedy May Pole Dance Workshop can cater for all ages, toddler to adult. We do find however that this workshop is particularly popular with the the 5-10 age range. Parents and Grandparents often enjoy to spectate.




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