Introducing the Hoolahoop Megastructure. A great collaborative building and playing activity. Participants will work together with a member of The Joker Entertainment to build large hoolahoop structures.

This activity has something for everyone as both simple structures and more complex structures can be produced depending on ability and attention span. Once hoop structures have been built they provide a great temporary play ground for young and old.

The hoolahoop megastructure is a flexible collaborative workshop enabling large numbers to work side by side and play simultaneously.  Set up inside our own posts and bunting we provide everything needed, all we need is a space to work in.

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As standard  the Hoolahoop Megastructure is set up in an area around 15m by 15m however we can easily cater to larger and smaller areas.

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Hoolahoop Megastructure caters for all ages, toddler to adult. We do find however that this workshop is particularly popular with the 1-12 age range. Parents and Grandparents often enjoy to spectate and even get involved themselves.




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