Messy Hand and Feet Painting from 'The Joker Entertainment' is a collaborative art project which can be brought to your event. Throughout the day participants can get involved and the product of their work is displayed for all to see. This activity is simple and quick to allow all ages and abilities to take part.

Generally catering for small numbers of up to 10 at any one time, this activity has a quick turnaround so is not usually a problem. Messy Hand and Feet Painting will be set up under our professional gazebo either indoors or outdoors.

Space requirements photo gallery

Messy hand and Feet Painting can be set up indoors or outdoors on hard or soft ground. The Joker Entertainment provide our professional gazebos either 3mx3m, 4.5mx3m or 6mx3m as well as all equipment needed to set up the activity. As a minimum this activity requires a footprint of 3mx3m although a slightly larger area is recommended for spectators and for our larger gazebos.

Age Range photo gallery

Messy Hand and Feet Painting caters for all ages, toddler to adult. We do find however that this workshop is particularly popular with the 1-12 age range. Parents and Grandparents often enjoy to spectate and even get involved themselves.




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