A brilliant twist on the miniature snow globes which shook snow onto any tiny landscape. You can now bring this nostalgic piece of magic into stunning life-size reality with a summer theme.

Giant Beach Globes are a unique attraction available to hire at any time of the year. Invented and patented in 2007, our globes have become a popular choice for events in need of an eye catching centrepiece which will leave your guests/visitors with plenty to tell their friends about.

Our globes are an obvious choice for any Summer or Beach themed event or attraction, but the adaptability and bespoke element to this show stopping stunner means that you can make them fit into any theme.

The Giant Beach Globes can be booked over longer periods as well as for a single day and can easily be set up and taken down in the same day, creating minimal interference to your event.

The Perfect Centerpiece

The Giant Beach Globe from 'The Joker Entertainment' is the perfect centre piece for your event. Large enough to have impact but flexible enough to to erected and taken down within the same day.

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The Perfect Photo Op

Our Giant Beach Globe is the perfect photo opportunity!

In this day and age everyone loves a picture, attract people to your event with this unique photo opportunity.

Participants are welcome to snap away or get one of our staff to capture the moment for them on their own phone or camera.

beach 1b

Life Guards

The Beach Globe is supplied with 2 entertainers dressed as life guards to continue the summer fun.

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SPACE Requirements photo gallery

The main globe would fit inside a 4.5m cube.

A 10m diameter circle will be marked out around the globe. This acts as a barrier as well as a queuing system if required.

Ideally we require our sign written vehicle and trailer to be behind the globe to act as a barrier, backdrop and for essential storage for the operation of the globe.

globe dimentions




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