Welcome to 'The Cash Grabber Game Show'

Strike lucky for the opportunity to enter the 'Cash Grabber Dome' for your chance to win a cash prize!

'The Cash Grabber Game Show' is a unique attraction available to hire at any time of the year. Invented and patented in 2007, our globes have become a popular choice for events in need of an eye catching centerpiece which will leave your guests/visitors with plenty to tell their friends about.

The 'Cash Grabber' will be supplied with a host and assistant for the full game show experience. Participants will enter the globe and have exactly one minute to grab as many gold tokens as possible. The person who grabs the most over the day wins a cash prize!

The Cash Grabber Globe can be booked over longer periods as well as for a single day and can easily be set up within the hour, creating minimal interference to your event.

SPACE Requirements photo gallery

The main globe would fit inside a 4.5m cube although a larger area would be required for the host and timer and obviously your game show audience.


The Perfect Attraction

A £100 cash prize for the participant who grabs the most gold tokens is included in our fee and given away at the end of the booking. What better way to attract people to your event and ensure they stay for the day.

cash grabber 1

The Perfect Centerpiece

The 'Cash Grabber Game Show' from 'The Joker Entertainment' is big, different and loud, making it the perfect centerpiece for your event.

cash grabber 2

The Perfect Immersive Experience

Our Cash Grabber makes the perfect immersive experience for both participants and audience. Watch as the audience cheer on the participants and will them to win the top prize.

cash grabber 3


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