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Nature reaches new heights with our Tree Stilt Walker.

Hidden under a sea of leaves, you will have to check twice to realize there's a person underneath! Perfect for garden parties, garden center events, garden theme parties and anywhere else you fancy, this Tree Stilt Walker is sure to add a fantasy feel to any event.

‘The Joker Entertainment’s’ Tree Stilt Walker will wonder slowly around your event greeting passers by, amazing them with his shear size.

This Tree Stilt Walker can also be booked as a ground character, creating a shrub character. Perfect for indoor events where height is an issue.

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The Stilt Walkers will stride around your festival, head, shoulders and perhaps knees above the crowd, greeting and entertaining.

Most Stilt Walkers can also Balloon Model and are perfect for handing out flyers, giving you two services for the price of one. Stilt walkers can also come along in your parade at no extra cost.

If we don't have it, we can make it! If you can't find the stilt walking costume you are looking for let us know your specification and we can put together a costume to suit you, either on a budget or for maximum effect.

Many of our costumes are available to buy as well as custom jobs. Please call to discuss.

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