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 Comedy May Pole Dance
Comedy May Pole DanceComedy May Pole DanceComedy May Pole DanceComedy May Pole Dance

Traditional Party Games from The Joker Entertainment brings a little nostalgic atmosphere to any event. Our Party Games are a great participation activity where the public get a chance to have a go along with one of our Clowns, Jesters or Elves at fun and interactive Dancing and Parachute Games. The Joker Entertainment provide prizes and giveaways to be won as well as music and PA system. As long as the participants are willing they can get involved.

Catering to any number, Traditional Party Games will be set up in an attractive area of bunting and banners, indoors, outdoors on hard or soft ground, into any space provided. This making it the ultimate flexible activity for your event. Party Games work equally well as a drop in drop out activity, part of a stage lineup, or to fill an arena slot.

Traditional games such as ‘Musical Statues’, ‘Musical Bumps’, ‘Dance Off’ and ‘Pass the Hat’ are conducted by our entertainer, all played with a modern twist and never excluding participants or calling them out at any stage rewarding the winner rather than excluding the looser.

the joker - Welcome to the joker

The Traditional Party Games Workshop can be set up indoors or outdoors on hard or soft ground. Although around 10m square is ideal to run this workshop, we can grow to fit any space required. The Joker Entertainment can provide all equipment needed to set up an area to contain the activity.

the joker - Welcome to the joker

Traditional Party Games cater for all ages, toddler to adult. We do find however that this workshop is particularly popular with the the 2-10 age range. Parents and Grandparents often enjoy to spectate and even get involved themselves.

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