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Here at ‘The Joker Entertainment’ we have a range of activities that will appeal to adults and children alike. Get your Staff working together and more active, and teach your pupils the advantages of working together in a fun and active way.

Any amount of people from 5 to 50 or more any age, 5 to 100 can enjoy and be involved in ‘The Joker Entertainment’s’ Team-Building workshops.

The main goal of the day is to learn new skills with either circus skills, balloons or art based activities and ultimately work together to put together something they could not do alone.

At ‘The Joker Entertainment’ we often use Circus skills as the base for our Team Building Workshops. The day generally begins with a fun introduction to circus skills in the form of a demonstration performed by one of our tutors attending on the day. Participants are then able to have a go at the circus equipment to get a feel for the activity, helped along they way by our tutors. The group is then encouraged to choose a favorite piece of equipment with which they would like to specialize. Here is where the Team Building kicks in. After the members of the workshop have expanded their knowledge of their chosen piece of equipment, they must join a group with others using different equipment and teach their new skills to the group. The group then move on to choreograph their own performance complete with music which will be performed in front of the rest of the group or any audience available.

Also if you wish, a section of the day can be put aside for the participants to put together in their groups their own costumes for the performance. The costumes are made from no more than simple props, paper, ribbon and tape. The members of the group have to work together to put together their limited resources to create the best costumes possible.

Using art as a media we can work with groups of children or adults to create large collaborative paintings and works of art. During six week-ends we worked with the children of Maltby to transform a run down and vandalized children’s play area where the children helped both design and paint the images as well as helping put in the elbow grease sanding and priming. With help from ‘The Joker Entertainment’ the children of Maltby turned a wants ugly feature into a fun and bright space

Another project we conducted involved getting the public to help us with this rather messy painting. Participants were encouraged to walk either on their feet or on their hands across a canvas. The result was different every time and resulted in a rather beautiful masterpiece created in a fun and innovative way.

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