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School doesn't have to be hard work! Relieve your pupils of the strain of studying without stopping them from learning, with fun and active circus skills, which are suitable for children of all ages.

School Circus Days from 'The Joker Entertainment' help with developing team work and peer support, independent learning and creativity, as well as a range of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning.

Not only are circus skills great for physical fitness and developing a sense of achievement, they are also great for the mind and helping with poor concentration. Learning juggling, for example, involves literally focusing all of your concentration on the matter in hand. It can be a great way to take your mind off of other things -- it's a state known as 'relaxed concentration', and is commonly found to be the state sports people experience to attain their best results. It will also help to improve hand-eye co-ordination, and according to a university study, may also boost your brain power. Aside from the physical exertions and relaxation techniques, a 2004 report found that learning to juggle causes certain areas of your brain associated with visual motion functions to actually grow.

Give your pupils a new and different opportunity to learn, exercise and excel with a School Circus Day.

The day begins with a fun introduction to circus skills where the circus instructor will demonstrate the skills the pupils will be able to learn throughout the day and of course show off a bit. The day will then proceed in a structured manner guiding the pupils through various circus equiptment.

In our longer sessions we are able to work with the pupils to put together a performance corigraphed and performend by the partisipants themselves, compleate with music.

We have 3 'Structured Taster Workshops' each lasting around 1 hour. The 'Structured Taster Workshops' can be booked as 1 hour workshop or glued together to create longer more involved session plans. We have workshops avalibile from just 1 hour long up to 6 hour 'Circus Days'

Team Building Workshops

Circus Skills is not just for children. Get your staff working together and bonding through learning. The main goal of the day is to learn new skills with circus equipment and balloons, small groups then work together to improve their skill on a chosen piece of equipment which will then be taught to others. Perfect for Teacher Training days.

Work with Special Needs

When working with both children and adults with special needs we have found that many of our services are very successful. This is due to them stimulating many senses such as.

The colours and movement of circus skills, balloon modelling and mascot costumes are great activitys to stimulate a persons sight. Balloons ,whether being blown up, squeaking between your fingers and teeth or bursting, produce a wide range of interesting sounds. The tactile feel of balloons is different to anything else available, stimulating a persons touch. Balloons also carry the fear of it being able to burst at any point. This makes a person hold a balloon differently to a less fragile object and can make us more aware of its state. Our Mascot Costumes have soft tactile fur which and be stroked and pulled, once again stimulating touch.

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