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A Visual Feast-some great pictures of our Glow entertainers in various light conditions.

New to 2011. Glow entertainers are a spectacular visual feast. Our entertainers will use a range of circus equipment using state of the art LED technology providing a walkabout circus act with a difference. Great both in twilight and darkness and perfect for those events where fire is not an option.

Our Glow Entertainers will provide a mix and mingle walkabout act providing a visual light feast with effects that are simply beautiful. Our entertainers use their Electroluminescent wire hats which are great fun to look at and gives the viewer a sense of where the performer is without distracting from the performance itself. They will also use the following circus equipment: K8 Intel Glow devilstick, K8 LED Glow Juggling Clubs, K8 Intel LED Glow Juggling Balls, LED Triabolo Diabolo, Strobing LED Glow Poi and Concentrate LED Glow Staff.

Combining red, green and blue LEDs, gives these circus props a whole spectrum of colour options. Varying between fades, strobes and single colour settings giving the audience an ever changing light show.

Perfect for those autumn and winter events such as Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas light switch ons.

As standard our glow entertainers wear formal black clothes consisting of a black shirt, waist coat and trousers along with their white EL hat.This choice of attire is to make the entertainer disappear into the background so not to distract from the light show.

It is possible to book our Clowns and Elves as glow entertainers if you feel this would suit your event better.

If you have any images of 'The Joker Entertainmnt's' Glow Entertainers, please email them to us. If we use them in our galley we will send you a 10 pound voucher for every picture used. Click on the folders to view our ever growing range of pictures.

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