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Face painting is a great way to give the public something fun and creative to go home with.

Painted faces can also help add colour and character to any event. Having peoples faces painted at your event is like having walking advertisements showing off their interesting designs proudly on their face catching the eyes of passersby.

Face painting is also an excellent way to raise money for charity while adding a fun addition to your event. On many occasions we have taken donations in exchange for painting faces and find most people donate generously.

You can hire our Face Painters to attend your event to provide free face painting for the public or people attending your party.

Face Painting can be done in and outdoors, so is great for events where space is a limiting factor. Face painting can also be done alongside balloon modelling, another great giveaway service.

If you are expecting lots of people to attend your event why not book multiple Face Painters?

Face painting is a stationary activity so is great if you want to get people to come to you. This works particularly well when promoting a particular shop or store. We have found that face painting not only draws people toward your business but spreads the word as the public become walking bill boards, showing off their painted faces to passersby.

Many of our activities from the circus skills workshops to balloon modelling to stilt walking can be performed by one of our brightly coloured and cheerful clowns. Face Painting is no exception, so add that little extra to your event with not just a face painter but a cheeky character.

When a clown is booked to face paint you get a balloon modelling service for free. This gives you two services for the price of one.

If you have any images of 'The Joker Entertainmnt's' Face Painters, please email them to us. If we use them in our galley we will send you a 10 pound voucher for every picture used. Click on the folders to view our ever growing range of pictures.

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