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Balloon models are a great way to give the public something different and creative as they are fun but also cheap and quick to produce.

They can also help add colour and character to your event. Balloon Models can even advertise your event as people leave, taking their balloons with them, our interesting designs catching the eyes of passersby.

At parties balloons can stimulate play, our sword and shield balloons are great for this.

Balloon models are also an excellent way to raise money for charity. On many occasions we have taken donations for the balloons we produce and find most people donate generously.

Give the public a freebie at no extra cost! Many of our characters such as the clowns and stilt walkers are able to balloon model, making eye catching and impressive balloon modellers. Plus If you book a clown or one of our stilt walker characters you get our balloon modelling service at no extra charge.

Balloon Modelling is also great for events where space is a limiting factor and can be done in and outdoors. Very often we produce balloons in a stationary position outside of shops and stores helping with promotions and advertising, drawing people in toward your business. We can even have the shops logo colours with both the balloons and costume.

When working with both children and adults with special needs we have found that balloon models are very successful. This is due to them stimulating many senses; Sight- The balloons bright colours and interesting designs stimulate sight. Touch- The tactile feel of balloons is different to anything else available, stimulating touch . Sound- whether being blown up, squeaking between your fingers or bursting, balloons produce a wide range of interesting sounds.

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