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Dance Workshops from The Joker Entertainment and Stardust Dance Workshops available in the midlands and beyond.

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Dance Workshops are a great participation activity where the public get a chance to have a go at a range of styles of dance. From ballet to disco to jazz taught by our professional dance teacher, complete with music and props whenever needed. Dance Workshops are a great way to keep active and learn new skills in a fun and sociable way.

When Outside an area can be set up if you wish to contain the activity using plastic posts, barrier tape and ‘Joker Entertainment’ banners providing a visually enticing area to contain the activity

Jane Selby conducting a dance workshop warm up with children of a local school.

Greece Musical dance workshop

Morris Dance Workshop conducted by Jane Selby of Stardust Dance Workshops

Group of young girls from one of Jane Selby's dance groups in Meden Vale performing in Mansfield Market Place.

May pole dance workshop available from The Joker Entertainment.


'Warm up and warm down' safety first with warm up and down exercises.

‘The Joker Entertainment’ believes in SAFTEY FIRST!
Dancing is a fun and energetic activity, however it is important to remember to warm up our bodies before hand so we don’t injure ourselves. We also do cool down sessions at the end of our activities.

Therefore before and after each dance workshop you will find our tutor conducting warm up and warm down exercises helping avoid any unpleasant strains.

This activity also teaches children to employ the warm up and warm down exercises in other aspects of their life


'Drop in Drop Out Workshops short workshops from the joker entertainment great for carnivals and fates.

Dance Workshops can be structured on a drop in, drop out basis, where small groups of participants gathered throughout the day are taught the basics of a chosen dance routine in short workshops, generally lasting less than thirty minutes. These types of workshop generally work very well at carnivals, fates and play days. Dance styles can even be chosen to suit the theme of your event





'Structured Workshops' longer more structured workshops. Workshops can range from just thirty minutes to a whole day

Dance Workshops can also be more structured into fun lessons. Workshops can range from just thirty minutes to a whole day, and can be booked from just one session to a series of sessions over days or weeks. With these longer workshops more advanced skills can be taught and team building is promoted.

When longer sessions and multiple bookings are made, the participants and the tutor can work towards putting on a performance, which can be shown either in front of the group or any audience you may have. Great for assemblies or school fairs.







'May pole dance workshops' Here at ‘The Joker Entertainment’ we also have a May pole for ‘May Pole Dance Workshops’ normally performed against old fashioned folk music.

Here at ‘The Joker Entertainment’ we also have a May pole for ‘May Pole Dance Workshops’ normally performed against old fashioned folk music.
This workshop works great alongside a Morris dance themed workshop, complete with bells, sticks and hankerchiefs.

May pole workshops can also be structured as a drop in drop out workshop where children are gathered and simple dances are performed which can be taught in a few minutes. If longer sessions are booked more advanced patterns can be taught, along with the history of May Pole dancing.



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