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Classic Stilt Walkers
Classic Stilt Walkers
Classic Stilt Walkers
Classic Stilt Walkers

The Clowns are our most varied entertainers providing activities right across our range such as:

Walkabout Circus Skills.
Glow Walkabout Circus Skills.
Stilt Walking.
Balloon Modelling.
Circus Workshops.
Face Painting.
Arts and Crafts.

You can book the clowns on their own or in groups for maximum impact. Each Clown will add that extra something to your special day, whether it be a carnival or a birthday party.

Our clown characters can be tailored to suit your event. Makeup can be enhanced, removed or simplified if desired. Or If we don't have the character you are after we can custom make a clown to suit you and your event.

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Step 2: Choose the activity

The Clowns will mingle amongst the crowd performing with a range of circus equipment such as unicycles, juggling balls, clubs and spinning plates. The Clowns will involve the crowd in their antics, especially the kids. If you book two or more clowns they will interact with each other as well as the crowd creating a more dramatic walkabout performance.

Clowns are available to provide full Circus Workshops which are a great way to involve the crowd.
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Clowns can be booked as Stilt Walkers. The Stilt Walkers will stride around your festival head and shoulders above the crowd greeting and entertaining.

Ground Clowns and Stilt Walking Clowns can also be booked to Balloon Model at no extra charge giving you two services for one. Balloon models are a great way to give the public something different and creative as they are cheep and quick to produce. They can also help add colour and character to your event.

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