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Circus Skills Workshops from The Joker Entertainment. Juggling, Diabolo, Spinning Plates, Unicycles, Stilts and much more.

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Drop in Drop out Workshops
Circus Workshops can be structured on a drop in, drop out basis, where participants are taught the basics of a range of circus equipment by one or more of our tutors. These types of workshop generally work very well at carnivals, fates and play days. When Outside an area of around ten meters square is set up using plastic posts, barrier tape and ‘Joker Entertainment’ banners providing a visual area to contain the activity.

Structured Workshops
Circus Workshops can be more structured into fun lessons with workshops ranging from thirty minutes up to five hour ‘Circus Days’. With these longer workshops we work with groups of up to 40, try to teach more advanced skills and promote team building, sometimes climaxing in a performance choreographed and performed by the participants, complete with self made costumes. Visit the ‘schools’ and ‘team building’ link for more information. Circus workshops mixed with other services such as mascot costumes and music are also great for special needs as they stimulate many senses such as sight, sound and touch. Visit the ‘special needs’ link for more information.


'Regular Circus Workshops' come try equipment such as Juggling Balls, Diabolo's, Spinning Plates, Poi, Devil Sticks, Staffs, Hoola Hoops

Circus Workshop in Sutton in Ashfield at Ashfield Show on Sutton Lawn.


Circus Skills Workshop in Edwinstowe conducted by a Clown from The Joker Entertainment

Regular Circus Workshops are a great way to involve the crowd and are enjoyed by people of all ages, from toddler to adult.

Equipment is provided for around 35 people to 'Have a Go' at any one time including:

  • Juggling Balls,
  • Diabolo's,
  • Spinning Plates,
  • Poi
  • Devil Sticks.
  • Staffs
  • Hoola Hoops

The public also receive basic tuition regarding how to use the equipment.

Learning basic skills is one of the best ways to build confidence, improve coordination and understand the process of learning.

Regular Circus Workshops are great at carnivals, fates, birthday parties and in schools.

Customer Feedback
"A very interactive workshop were children can develop their physical skills. Excellent value for money, highly recommended.A BIG thank you to "The Joker" he kept the children actively engaged for the whole of the 3 hours at all the paydays (there where 7 in all) well done"
Linda Cobb, Play Development Worker.


'Deluxe Circus Workshops' let them have a go at more advanced equipment such as unicycles and strap on stilts

Unicycles in the Deluxe Circus Workshop provided by The Joker Entertainment at Ashfield Show, Sutton in Ashfield

Stilt Walking Workshop in Maltby, Rotherham provided by a circus workshop tutor from The Joker Entertainment.



Deluxe Circus Workshops are an upgrade from Regular Circus Workshops.
They include all the equipment of a Regular Circus Workshop as well as more advanced circus equipment such as unicycles and pro strap on stilts.

Unicycles and stilts often need one on one tuition therefore in a Deluxe Circus Workshop two staff members will be provided to ensure those using the advanced equipment are well looked after.

At times during the session a Balloon Modelling Workshop will be provided. The public are taught the art of balloon modelling and can take home their creations. Balloon models can also be made for those who would like one professionally sculpted. (see Balloon modelling for more info.)

Deluxe Circus Workshops appeal to a wide range of ages as there is something for everyone. Teenagers are often left out when it comes to activities but our advanced circus equipment provides a challenge.













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